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Winner of the Christmas Contest!

I am excited to announce that Catparty102, our mayor, won the Christmas Contest with her creative and stylish costume design below! The outfit will be able to be purchased from Charlie’s Shop. Great job, catparty102!

Award for the Catmas Contest

the winning costume! designed by catparty102 and drawn by The Meow Queen

Coming Soon to Catsville!

To ensure that every user on Catsville has the best experience possible, The Meow Queen is putting together detailed, easy-to-understand instructions on how to do almost anything on Catsville! She may also be partnering up with percymeow101! to create more exciting games and shops for Catsville and/or making new website artwork and making a survey to help her decide what she can improve on Catsville.

Please stay tuned, we know Catsville hasn’t had anything new for a while, but we are working on it! 🙂 In the meantime, have fun, follow the rules, be nice, and keep Catsville-ing on!

~The Meow Queen


Helpful Tip #1.jpg

Helpful Tip #2.jpg




New Art!

Hi there! It’s The Meow Queen here. Since I was feeling inspired this week, I’ve made some new art for Catsville- including a New Header!!!

Catsville Header.png

Rosa for Mayor!!!!.png
Rosa Brown (edited) :3

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to send in your vote for mayor by October 26th!

~The Meow Queen