About the Websites:                                                                                                                          The official Catsville website was made in 2015. The blog was made specifically on September 30th, 2015. Both websites are safe, free, and fun. They are made for cat lovers, not for cat haters, and I hope cat lovers will adore both websites.

About the Town:                                                                                                                                   The fictional town of Catsville was founded in 2013 by Violet the cat. It allowed cats (strays, house cats, and barn cats alike) to live a safe and happy life in the underground town while still coming back to see their owners. Most owners don’t even know Catsville exists! The currency is cat-coins and the mayor is Mack Forger!

About the Meow Queen:                                                                                                               I am an animal lover. In my free time, I type up stories, read books, play with my pets, play the clarinet, read books, play the piano, run, read books, horse back ride, read books, and also sing.

About Violet:                                                                                                                                      Violet is a real cat. She is 4 years old and is a Siamese mix with Lynx tabby points. She has beautiful blue eyes, weighs a startling 13 pounds, and loves fighting with her sister Rosa the black tabby. Her other housemates are four humans, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and outside there are seven chickens. Vi’s middle name is Elsie, making her Violet Elsie Forger. She is married to the mayor’s brother, Fred, and has 11 kittens.


To get to the Catsville Fan Website, click this.

To get to Catsville, click this.


   ~The Meow Queen


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