Month: March 2016

Catsville Library- New Book!

Introducing From the Other Side of the World: A Cat Story, written by The Meow Queen and Princess Percy, and its sequel From Here to There: A Cat Story, written by The Meow Queen, Princess Percy, and their friend Caroline:

From the Other Side of the World


From Here to There



To read these stories go to the Catsville Library. Enjoy!

~The Meow Queen




Buddies have now come to Catsville! You can now have virtual friends online that are cat lovers just like you! Don’t worry though- this is a safe and completely risk-free experience as long as you use your best judgement and use internet safety and follow Catsville rules. Click here to see a PowerPoint on Buddies.

Have fun and enjoy!

~The Meow Queen

Important News on Catsville!

Hi there everyone, it’s The Meow Queen. You’re probably wondering what the important news on Catsville is…. well, drum-roll please, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be on Catsville (or I will be on very little) probably about for the next half-year, due to the fact that I will be super busy with a new puppy- that does not mean you can´t have fun on Catsville! I am nominating the user percymeow101 the owner of Catsville until I am back. She can add new features if she wants, make new rules, basically do whatever she wants. You can call her “Princess Percy.” If you really, really, need to contact me while I’m gone email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Otherwise, if you just have a question or a suggestion for Catsville, send a letter to Princess Percy. Please remember to be nice, have fun, and follow the rules on Catsville while I am gone so it can remain a fun and save virtual world for cat lovers.

Thank you and enjoy!

~The Meow Queen


Fairyland Website

Hi guys, it’s The Meow Queen here! I couldn’t resist making another website based on a story I am writing. The website is Check it out if you have time! I am still putting it together. Here are some pics I will use for the header. I made them using azealeas dolls:

flame fairyearth fairy

Please enjoy,

~The Meow Queen