Make A Cat

A new, cool feature has come to Catsville and it’s called “Make A Cat.” Here is some info on….

What it is: Make A Cat is a new feature on Catsville where you can have a picture drawn of “your cat.” It does not have to be your real cat. Please note that it will be drawn as a cartoonish-looking cat.

How to do it: Send a letter to the user “The Meow Queen” describing what you want the cat to look like. Include the gender (if it is a girl cat it will have eye lashes, unless you say you don’t want them), eye color, fur color, and if it is wearing any clothes.

What will happen: The Meow Queen will draw out the cat for you using an app called “Fresh Paint.” She will then post it on your profile page.

Here is the Gallery of Catsville cats drawn using Make-A-Cat:

“Percy,” Princess Percy’s Cat
Violet Catsville.png
“Violet”, The Meow Queen’s cat


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