How to Draw A Cat Sitting Down

Hi, it’s The Meow Queen here for another quick step-to-step on how to draw a cat- this time we will be focusing on how to draw a cat sitting down. I hope this helps! Sorry I did the tail so long… Here are the directions:

Step One: Draw two circles for the head and chest of the cat.
Step Three: Connect the cat’s chest and head, and add triangles for the ears of the cats.
Step Three: Add the cat’s tail… don’t make it as long as I did!
Step Four: Draw the cat’s paws tucked underneath it.
Step Five: Erase the sketching lines.
Step Six: Draw the face details. (If you need help on this, go to the last post: Drawing a Cat’s Face)
Step Seven: Draw the details on the cat’s paws and add a collar if you want.
Step Seven: Outline in Sharpie and erase the remaining pencil lines.
Step Nine: Color your cat and customize it! šŸ™‚

Thanks, and enjoy!

~The Meow Queen



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