How to Draw a Cat Face

Hello, it’s The Meow Queen here! I decided to show you cool cats a step-to-step on drawing a cat face. I hope you enjoy it, the cat I drew is my cat Violet. Here are the directions:

Step One: Draw the circle for the cat’s head and draw two triangles for the ears.
Step Two: Draw the eyes and the bridge of the nose.
Step Three: Draw the pupil and the little white spot in the eyes of the cats and draw the nose.
Step Four: Draw the cat’s whisker holes and draw the cat’s mouth.
Step Five: Finish the whiskers and draw the insides of the ears.
Step Six: Erase the pencil lines and outline in Sharpie.
Step Eight: Color your pretty kitty and enjoy!


Thanks for watching and enjoy!

~The Meow Queen

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