Month: January 2016

Cat House Contest

Hello there, all you cool cats! This week’s contest is to draw the most creative cat house. This most is the official post for tips, directions, and ideas on how you may want to draw it, details about the contest, and how to upload your picture to Catsville. First of all, details about the contest…..

Title: Cat House Contest

What am I supposed to do?: Draw your cat’s house in Catsville, take a picture of it, and send that picture to so you can be in the contest! Directions are below. 🙂

1st Place Prize: 1,000 cat-coins and an item of your choice from any shop in Catsville

2nd Place Prize: 750 cat-coins

3rd Place Prize: 500 cat-coins

4th Place Prize: 250 cat-coins

5th Place Prize: 200 cat-coins

Length: Starts on January 16th, Winners will be announced January 24th

Here is a directional PowerPoint I made on how to do the Cat House Contest. Just click the link and enjoy.

Good Luck!

~The Meow Queen



Catsville Sticky-Notes

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Things to share to get more cat lovers to join Catsville! These sticky-notes hopefully should stay in your brain for a while! The only way we can get Catsville to thrive is to be on it more often and share it with others. 🙂 Please tell your friends about Catsville! Thank you,

~The Meow Queen

Catsville Awards

Coming soon on Catsville, there will be contests that you can enter in! If you win a contest, you get a prize and a cool badge that goes on your profile page. Now on Catsville there are goals to reach so you can get badges that go on your profile page. Here are some badges:

Award for having the most products
Award For Having the Most Products
Award for 3,000 cat-coins
Award for Having over 3,000 CatCoins
Award for the Cat House Contest
Award for the winner of the Cat House Contest!
Award for the Catmas Contest
Award for the winner Catmas Contest!
Award for doing weekly job
Award for doing the weekly job!
Catsville Mayor Badge

Thanks and enjoy! There will be more badges coming soon! 🙂

~The Meow Queen

How to Draw A Cat Sitting Down

Hi, it’s The Meow Queen here for another quick step-to-step on how to draw a cat- this time we will be focusing on how to draw a cat sitting down. I hope this helps! Sorry I did the tail so long… Here are the directions:

Step One: Draw two circles for the head and chest of the cat.
Step Three: Connect the cat’s chest and head, and add triangles for the ears of the cats.
Step Three: Add the cat’s tail… don’t make it as long as I did!
Step Four: Draw the cat’s paws tucked underneath it.
Step Five: Erase the sketching lines.
Step Six: Draw the face details. (If you need help on this, go to the last post: Drawing a Cat’s Face)
Step Seven: Draw the details on the cat’s paws and add a collar if you want.
Step Seven: Outline in Sharpie and erase the remaining pencil lines.
Step Nine: Color your cat and customize it! 🙂

Thanks, and enjoy!

~The Meow Queen



How to Draw a Cat Face

Hello, it’s The Meow Queen here! I decided to show you cool cats a step-to-step on drawing a cat face. I hope you enjoy it, the cat I drew is my cat Violet. Here are the directions:

Step One: Draw the circle for the cat’s head and draw two triangles for the ears.
Step Two: Draw the eyes and the bridge of the nose.
Step Three: Draw the pupil and the little white spot in the eyes of the cats and draw the nose.
Step Four: Draw the cat’s whisker holes and draw the cat’s mouth.
Step Five: Finish the whiskers and draw the insides of the ears.
Step Six: Erase the pencil lines and outline in Sharpie.
Step Eight: Color your pretty kitty and enjoy!


Thanks for watching and enjoy!

~The Meow Queen